The first part of Zabeeb is ZAB. What is ZAB? And why is this woman drinking beer? What kind of beer is it? Wait, that looks like an oktoberfest tent...That actually looks like fun, I bet that she's drinking beer in the Spaten tent during oktoberfest. To find out more Click on the link below to find out.

It's also EEB

It wouldn't be Zabeeb without EEB. What is EEB? While you ponder the answer to that question look at this picture of an adorable little girl and an extremely handsome man. Once you're ready for the EEB experience click on the button to learn more.

We're Winners!

While ZAB and EEB are powerful alone, together they are unstoppable. Simply put ZAB and EEB are a winning combination, just like this soccer team. Just ask the ASA U10 2017 Champion soccer club the Strikers. The Strikers support ZAB and EEB and so should you!

Ready for More?

In addition to the awesome stories above we have some more examples of what sets ZabEeb apart. Prepare yourself mentally for a unique winning experience.

And now this

Here are a bunch of categories for you to check out at the end of this website.


This one has a diamond icon. Thats pretty cool.

Floppy Disk

Here's an image of a floppy disk. Just like the kind we used to store data on..

Bar Chart

If I had any bar charts to present on this website you betcha they would all be located here.


Definitely we believe in Wifi. In fact we like it better than wired networks because it has a lot less wires.

Gear Cog

This is probably the section we'd put stuff we were working on it.

Paper Planes

Just like the MIA song, all I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom.

Desktop Monitor

Hey, here's an icon of a monitor. What sort of content would we find here? Check back to find out.


100 percent organic ZabEeb is refreshing.


Here at ZabEeb we are definitely #awesome!


Bam, the lightning bolt is awesome, and so are we.


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One thing we believe in here at ZabEeb is the environment. We strive to build sustainable Earth friendly practices.

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